Friday, July 31, 2009

Hungry for the Word

Every time I listen to the Word of God my spirit leaps within me. I never grow tired hearing it. I often want more I cannot get enough.

I lost that hunger for a while but now it is coming back. It is only by the grace of God. God reveals new truths to me when I read the Word. He creates simple analogies in order for me to understand. I do not have to comprehend everything all at once.

The Word washes me and cleanses me from every stain that I have in my heart.

God has dreams for me just as I have dreams for myself. He desires to fulfill them.


Everything happens for a reason. Each event that occurs in my life prepares me for the next one. There is a lesson in every one. Sometimes fear and circumstances overwhelm me. I must remember to focus on my eyes on Jesus.

When I am going through dry times He is the fountain that fills me up continually. His waters refresh me. He is my source of strength, setting up divine appointments in unexpected places.

I must ask Him for the grace to keep my eyes open. He takes care of every small detail. I love Him very much. He is so amazing.