Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Allow me to invite you into my sanctuary.
Where I pray and where the presence of God often abides.
Where I sit quietly in my solitude with my thoughts.
I am able to think freely and clearly without any inhibitions.
Where I can write creatively and be released.
Let me introduce you to a few significant items within my sanctuary.
A silver metallic statue which symbolizes three experiences in my life.
Two lovers embracing one another.
A bridegroom and his bride gliding across the floor at their wedding feast.
A father and his daughter taking their first dance at her wedding.
Next to it, a group of figurines sprinkled with drops of love left behind by the people who gave them to me.
Each individual piece has a special meaning.There are many secrets yet to be revealed.I hope you enjoyed the tour of my sanctuary. 

Blown In Trials

I have faced trials that have blown in from every side.
Watching with my eyes wide open.
Stripping away the garbage of selfishness and other things of this world.
The only thing left is my relationship with Christ.
Must be clothed in holiness.
Must be clothed in righteousness.
Must be clothed in peace.
Must be clothed in purity.
I am unable to do this on my own.
I gaze up to the heavens for His help and direction.

Whirl Wind

It has been a whirl wind of a year.
Filled with highs and lows.
Twists and turns around every corner.
Mountains and valleys to climb and descend.
Straight and narrow paths to decipher and explore.
Although I have experienced difficult times my relationship with Christ has remained solid.
A foundation on which to stand.


Silence the confusion within my head.
Silence the torment within my soul.
Silence the questions that I possess within my mind.
Help me pursue my goals and dreams.
Help me in my decision making process.
Help me look to You always.

No Limits

Endless possibilities.
Endless peace.
Endless joy.
Endless shaping.
Endless sculpting.
Endless moulding
Endless restoration into His image.