Friday, January 28, 2011


Words are powerful tools.
Words can bring life.
Words can destroy.

They are given to us from above.
Words are to educate and inform.
They are to teach.
Words can assist us in conveying our emotions.
They can articulate our thoughts.
Words unlock what is inside.
They bring a piece of writing to life.
Words are used as a platform to change peoples perceptions.
Words are fluid musical notes streaming from ones mouth.

In the Midst

In the midst of all the chaos.
Push away the debris.
Clear your mind.
Quiet your soul.
Let peace wash over you.
Let your thoughts seep in and out of your mind.
Breathe, inhale ,exhale.
Inhale ,exhale.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Everyday Parking Dilemmas

Published January 20, 2011 in the TRU Omega

I am always in a hurry and this morning is no exception. I’m running behind. I look at the dash board clock, 8:25am; my appointment is for 8:15. My assistant and I finally pull out of the driveway. We’ll get there eventually, but I know when we do there will be another obstacle to deal with. Parking. Finally we arrive. As we turn the corner we begin searching for a parking spot. They’re all full and half of the vehicles don’t have a disabled parking pass. This is an ongoing dilemma. Parking. If it’s not lack of parking, its snow, often piled high against the curb. I hear it crunch under my assistant’s feet as she reaches in, straining and stretching over the hard, icy barricade. I have visions of falling, lying helpless on the ground. What would I do if she was knocked unconscious? All this because the snow plow operator decided disabled parking spaces were suitable storage sites.

Once we overcome that hurdle, the next arises. Now we have to tackle the sidewalks, covered in slippery jagged pieces of ice, like a neglected skating rink. My assistant’s white-knuckled hands grip my wheelchair while she carefully tip-toes across the surface. We are now 30 minutes late for my appointment. Maybe I should just rebook. We’ve made it this far though, I might as well continue. After the appointment we head back towards the car and see an oversized pickup truck parked within five inches of the passenger door. My assistant leaves me in the parking lot while she backs up the car. I’m overcome with visions of huge delivery trucks barreling through, not seeing me sitting there. How would that read in the headlines? “Disabled Woman Killed by Oversized Truck, Due to Lack of Accessible Parking.” Not how I want to be remembered.

I once had the opportunity to do a practicum at People in Motion, a place where wheelchairs frequent. At an organization such as this, people should respect the disabled parking signs, but repeatedly I would see vehicles sitting motionless in the sun.

Another situation occurred when I went to meet friends for lunch. The disabled parking spot was parallel to the wheelchair ramp. My vehicle was blocking it. My assistant had to push me around the vehicle to the other side of the building and tilt my chair onto the curb in order for us to get into the restaurant. It happened to be raining that day, soaking me and my wheelchair. My hair became a sopping-wet mess, flattened upon my head. If the ramp had been placed properly, I wouldn’t have looked like a wet-dog, whimpering for my lunch.

Often there are not enough disabled parking spots. Designers can neglect to consult people with disabilities, to explore what their needs are. I would be happy to consult with them to make a few changes! Most days I wish we didn’t have to deal with parking dilemmas. We’re on our way again, already late as usual. History repeats itself.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rise and Take a Stand

Rise and take a stand you wounded warriors.
If you feel your knees buckling beneath you,
Reach out your hand and someone will grab hold of it and raise you to your feet.
There is a call going out across the land for men and women warriors to rise.
If you are stripped and broken inside,
Take the time to repair and heal.
Don't beat yourself up, but rise and take a stand when you are ready.

The bond of a friend

The bond of a friend lasts for a season or a lifetime.
The bond of a friend stands upon loyalty.
It is difficult for someone looking in from the outside to comprehend.
This bond runs deep.
It is indescribable.
Nothing or no one can take it away.
My truest friend is where my strength comes from every day.

Realizing Your Potential

God gives us unique gifts and talents to share with the world.
There are times when we don't realize our potential.
It does not matter whether these gifts and talents are physical or intellectual.
We should not just keep them in a box.
Allow God to breathe upon them and cause them to come alive.
If this does not occur on a regular basis,
They shrivel and die just as a flower without water,
A malnourished child without food.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I might be smiling and happy on the outside
But I am screaming on the inside.
Then comes healing.
Then comes forgiveness.
Then comes deliverance.
They come like a flood that refreshes and revives.

Safe place

A place to lay my burdens down, at the cross.
A refuge from the storm, in your arms.
A place to lay my head, in your lap.
A place to worship, at your feet.
When I am with you, I am home.


What is relevant?
What can I learn today?
There are new things to learn everyday.
Allow your intellect to grow and mature.
Take everything in that you can.
Absorb it and leave the rest.

High Esteem

Attributes that I hold in high esteem.
These are attributes that a man with a great character possesses.

Whatever Until

I will do whatever it takes.
I will pray and immerse myself in the Word.
I will continue to look forward.
I want to see the purposes of God fulfilled on the earth.
I can't just walk away from the people and the promises He has given me in the past.
Nothing or no one can prevent His purposes from being fulfilled.
None of us know how or when He is going to fulfill them.
It is not up to us who is there and not there.
It is up to God and His timing.

Trail of Tears

There are traces of lines upon my face left by the tears rolling down my cheeks.
There are times when I feel like I am coming undone.
When I am crumbling inside.
My tears keep flowing.
In the midst of my grief and pain.
I don't know when it is going to end.
I don't know which way is up or down.
I don't know when I am going to reach the bottom.
The grief and pain overwhelm me.
Out of that grief and pain comes beauty.
Through the collection of my tears, I have found treasures that I will hold onto for a long time to come.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Everyday Miracles

God gives us precious little babies.
He gives us the air we breathe,
The songs to sing,
The stars in the sky.
Each moment is God-breathed.
We must live life to the fullest.
We should not wait for something to happen but realize we all have a role to play.
Every moment is a gift that God breathes into existence.
Use them wisely and respectfullly.

Make Your Requests Known

He can move any mountain that stands in your way.
He offers you water to drink from a bottomless well.
Sometimes the only thing that stands in your way is yourself.
I wish that people would see the endless possibilities right in front of them.
I wish they would open their eyes and wake up.
I don't understand why people are so slow to act.
God can lead you in the right direction but you have choices to make.
If they are wrong there are lessons to be learned.

I Believe

If someone were to ask me if I still believe in miracles I would absolutely say yes.
Even after all I have experienced.  Even after seeing people I love experience similar difficulties.
God is sovereign.
He is in control.
God is the creator of the universe and holds everything in His hands.
God is the same yesterday today and forever.
I see an illuminating light coming.
My answer is, "I believe."