Friday, February 26, 2010

Help me be wise

Help me be wise oh wise King.

Give me strategic wisdom.

Sometimes my automatic response is anger.

Remind me of the confidence that You have ingrained in me .

Help me make wise decisions and battle with them rightly.

Allow me to pay attention to small nudges that creep inside my heart.

They are a part of the greater picture.

You know what You are doing.

My love letter to You

You are my best friend.
You fill me with passion.
You are my soul mate.
You give me the giggles whenever I think of You.
When I gaze into Your eyes You cause me to become breathless.
When Your Spirit intertwines with mine I feel an undying love.
You know every aspect of my character.
I am forever getting to know Yours.

Healing Waters

Continually dip yourself in the healing waters.
Run and leap in the healing waters.
Dive in the healing waters.
Immerse yourself in the healing waters.
Wade in the healing waters.
Be washed in the healing waters.
Let it pour over your head all the way down to your toes.
The Healer will be there waiting for you.
He will break the bonds of your sickness and disease.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Sometimes as sleep falls upon me at night, my muscles contract and release simultaneously. When darkness fills the room, my arms tighten and tense.

I am unable to relax. It is very painful at times. During these times I breathe and call out to Jesus. He always helps me through it and He whispers to me until I fall asleep.


There are times when I desire to get away from the noise of this world.

To be taken to a place of solitude.

Where I can open my eyes to see Your face.

Where I can open my ears to hear Your voice.

I long to be in that place of solitude once again.

To be intimate with You.

To have Your Word be ever etched upon my heart.

I surrender in that place of solitude.