Friday, March 6, 2009

The Story Behind "Beautiful Bird"

I was sitting in my room, spending time with God as I often do.  I was feeling alone and afraid about my future.  I do not quite remember what the circumstances were.  However I was a typical teenager: I guess I was not feeling so beautiful that day.

God wanted to tell me how beautiful I was and how much He loved me.  He spoke it over me. This made me feel like I belonged to Him and He made me feel beautiful inside.

He told me that I am His beautiful bird.

Beautiful, Beautiful Bird

Beautiful, beautiful bird
You are the sparkle of my eye
Beautiful, beautiful bird
I gave you wings to fly
So don’t be afraid
You beautiful bird
I am here to help you
So spread your wings
You beautiful bird
I created you to soar
So you must fly
You beautiful bird

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