Friday, May 15, 2009

Small Moments, Big Picture

Every year my Mom, my sisters and I take a trip to Kelowna for a girls’ week. That’s what we call it. We go to the Grand and get spa treatment. My mom goes on the computer and finds activities for us to do.

This year my sisters were too busy so my Mom and I just went.  It was very fun and relaxing.

This time my Mom found a children’s author.  He was Métis.  I was excited when I heard this because I have a special love for Aboriginal people. I also enjoy writing. I hope to write a children’s book one day myself.

I have been blessed on many occasions to meet some pretty important people.  Sometimes I feel a special connection with them.  This was one of those times. I was honored to meet David Bouchard.

After he had finished speaking, my Mom and I bought a book.  He signed it for us.  It was a very interesting experience.

He offered to play a song for me on his flute.  I accepted. It was very beautiful. My Mom took a picture of us while this was happening.

I have learned that things take place for a reason.  Afterwards, when I discovered that he was staying at the same hotel as we were, I decided to leave him a copy of my book.

Sometimes, when these moments occur, I’m reminded of the bigger picture the God is painting for my life. I am very thankful for these opportunities and I don’t take them for granted.

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