Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tips for Stress

Published March 30, 2011 in the TRU Omega

Here we are again, approaching the end of yet another semester. This is not normally my writing style but I thought we needed a mental break. It’s that time of year when we are overwhelmed with numerous assignments, looming deadlines and the pressure to achieve a certain grade point average. I know that it is a busy time for all of us.

During this time of year when I feel overwhelmed and pressured from school I use specific techniques that help me relieve my stress. I have found I enjoy spending time reading my favorite novel. When my mind is scattered, listening to my favorite music helps me to stay grounded.

I find going for a leisurely walk and enjoying the scenery around me clears my mind and gives me a fresh outlook when I’m stuck on something I’m working on.

After my walk, I can continue where I left off with a new perspective. I had the opportunity to do this last week. I took a break from my studies and got out and went for a walk. I am glad that winter is over and spring has finally arrived. Sunshine was beating down on me and I saw some of my classmates playing football. It was nice to see people enjoying the sun and absorbing the warmth.

Sometimes when I’m feeling stressed I find it helpful to write down whatever is going on in my mind no matter what it sounds like or how I’m feeling. The very act of putting my feelings into words helps me feel better. For me, my writing usually comes in the form of a poem.

I attempt to get the same amount of sleep every night and have three healthy meals a day. It doesn’t always happen but I find that I function best when I’m consistent.

When I feel overwhelmed I plan an exciting event with my family or my friends. This gives me something to look forward to during a long week.

Time management seems to help me get through the semester when I have many assignments and deadlines. I write all my assignments into my calendar at the beginning of the year and I allow enough time for each assignment. When I look at my calendar I see what’s due first and do them in order.

Humour is another great stress reliever. When I’m in an uncomfortable or difficult situation, I try to see the funny side of it. Sometimes not taking things so seriously is difficult but it is important. I have to remember that school is just a stepping stone to where I want to be.

These are some avenues that I found have proven to work for me. I know that some of these will not work for everyone but I hope that I have given you a jumpstart in finding your own ways to relieve your own stress. Remember to breathe….inhale…exhale.

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