Monday, June 21, 2010

Broken Humanity

I found myself staring at a man with lines deeply etched upon his face.
His eyes glassy and glazed over.
He held a styrofoam cup absentmindedly in his hand.
His mind seemed to be wandering in every direction imaginable.
I found myself wondering what he was thinking.
Was he longing for a drink?
Was his skin crawling, awaiting his next fix?
Was he wanting to die? Or wanting a way out? Was he waiting for someone, anyone, to reach out and pull him out of his endless pit?
Was he just a man who was hungry? Or thirsty?
Did he have a family to provide for?
Or was he just a man who needed an embrace?
I was surprised at all these questions racing through my mind.
I watched as people ignorantly passed him by.
My heart ached for him.
I found myself beginning to pray for this man.  This man who I didn't even know.
This man who needed salvation as much as I do.

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Nolan said...

i like this a lot Lisa, very thought provoking