Monday, August 15, 2011

Suggestions for the Upcoming School Year

Published in the TRU Omega, August 2011

The beginning of a new semester is approaching fast yet again. It is hard to believe it is almost here.
Every time I write, my desire is to educate and inform my audience on any given subject. One of my values as an aspiring journalist is to empower my readers to make their own decisions. 

As we approach another school year, I encourage you to have an open mind to new perspectives. While you are sitting in the classroom, it is important to listen carefully.  It is imperative to absorb everything that you can in the classroom, however it is also important to think critically and take into account your own values and beliefs. You are not always going to agree with everything that you hear. Sometimes there are many more perspectives and you have to research them out for yourself. The overall process of researching and attending university allows students to grow into who they are.  

Another aspect of preparing for the beginning of the year is to mentally prepare yourself.  Sometimes when you look over the outline for the first time, it can be overwhelming.  At the beginning of every semester, I also get overwhelmed and I have to remind myself to take it one step at a time. I also write every assignment in my day timer and refer to it often to accomplish each task in order of priority. There are other students who work well under pressure and they can produce an assignment in one evening or one day and that works for them. You must find a technique that works best for you and give yourself an adequate amount of time to complete it.

Setting goals for myself at the beginning of the semester helps me achieve what I need to. A small goal could be getting supplies for school and a larger goal could be completing a huge essay on time. 

It is still possible to eat a healthy, balanced diet on a student budget. Eating a nutritious diet is often beneficial to give energy to students for when it is most needed.  Having the adequate amount of sleep also helps keep one’s mind focused and clear.  The Wellness Center can help you find more information on how a healthy lifestyle can benefit your studies.

Preparing for school can be daunting, but also exciting at the same time.  I hope I have given you some useful suggestions on how to be successful in the upcoming year. I encourage you to find your own techniques to accomplish your educational goals.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a great school year. I hope I have given you some unique perspectives in my column. I would also like to thank the Omega for giving me the opportunity to write for them.

Enjoy the rest of your summer.

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